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Aerial & Ground
With our drones we will get you airborne and in combination with our cameras on the ground and under water we produce videos for website and social media. Just perfect for Hotels, Villas, Guesthouses and anything that looks nice from the air.
Corona-Barter : Get our services with almost no cash involved !
How does this work?
Ask for a proposal for your place and shortly after we will come back to you with a great offer - incl. a individually designed barter agreement if you wish... We will visit your place, stay some nights for the shooting to get the best light, weather conditions and the "vibes" of your place and attractions nearby. We professionally post-process the aerial & ground imagery & video for you including text and music. For website and social media. Video duration: 2-3 min..
Here are some examples:
Aerial Shots  Tobago
Bacolet Beach Club  Tobago
From the air 2  Tobago
Crystals  St. Lucia
Villa on the Bay  St. Lucia
Properties Tobago
Half Moon Blue  Tobago
Nature Retreat  Tobago
You always wanted to have a video for website & social media incl. aerial shots, but it was too expensive? Get your individually designed offer and be one of many satisfied clients we have worked with. Even barter agreements are possible.
Also available:
Barter with us : Get our services with almost no cash involved !
Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give you an idea, what is possible, how this is working etc. Let's work together...
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